What’s in ‘em and how do they work?

What’s in ‘em and how do they work?

How do Zoomdogs work? Magic? Kinda, but not really.

It does seem like magical thinking to consider that we can receive mental and physical medicinal benefits from ingredients that grow naturally.

Let’s be clear about one thing – Zoomdogs are not a replacement for your doctor prescribed medicine. Our nootropic blends of supplements are designed to enhance the mental and physical attributes that you rely on most for your regular, everyday lifestyle in a more healthy way – what we call “healthstyle”.

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Zoomdogs are for the people with a healthstyle that doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym six days a week, drinking celery juice, or sticking jade eggs inside our hoo-has. The truth is, most of us are more likely to be hitting the half-pipe instead of the gym, rocking a couple brews instead of a cleanse, or sticking it to the final boss instead of a jade egg literally anywhere.

Whether you’re winding down or amping up, Zoomdogs add a healthy boost to our regular activities with four uniquely designed nootropic blends (breeds) that help us get the boost we need, when we need it most.

WTF are ‘Nootropics’

Pronounced ‘New Tropics’ – and no it’s not the name of a synth-based, indie-band from Portland. Nootropics cover a large group of substances that all have one thing in common – they’re proven to boost cognitive performance and brain functions. This has earned them the nickname “smart drugs”.

Common ‘Nootropics’

There are prescription noots (adderall, ritalin), synthetic noots (SunTheanine™ and Vitamin B12) and natural/herbal noots. Zoomdogs are made from plant-based nootropics, primarily from mushrooms.

The most commonly consumed, naturally occurring noots include caffeine, nicotine and ginseng. Each of these plant-derived substances boost brain performance, which in turn affects how we feel both mentally and physically. Our daily supplements are made with widely consumed ingredients that have a history of use in medicine and are safe to consume as part of your regular diet.

Base Blend

Each of the four breeds of Zoomdogs has the same base blend of mushrooms made from the highest quality, whole fruiting mushroom bodies. Together they’re an entourage of hardworking fungi that boost your regular, everyday functions of both body and mind.

shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake has benefits to the immune system, liver and cardiovascular health. 

reishi mushrooms
Reishi also has benefits to the immune system and is a calming stress reliever.

 turkey tail mushrooms
Turkey Tail has benefits for digestion, lung health and body fluid regulation. 

lion's mane mushrooms
Lion’s Mane has benefits for increasing concentration and uplifting your mood.  


These are the ingredients that are unique to each of the four breeds, the ones that give them that extra something. We’ve selected each one to boost performance for a specific individual healthstyle.

Sun Dog kickstarts your day with SunTheanine and Rhodiola for a clear headed feeling of calm, concentration and relaxation.
Moon Dog gets you energized with Yerba Mate for a kick of energy without the jitters and Vitamin B12 to boost metabolism.
Upward Dog alleviates the body with Turmeric to relieve joint pain and inflammation, and Black Pepper to activate these properties.
Hot Dog keeps you going with Ginseng for a natural energy boost and Chaga for its anti-inflammatory and digestion benefits.


Let’s be real here, these aren’t “magic mushrooms”, you won’t be totally tripping after thirty minutes. But there are almost immediate, short term positive effects to each individual boost thanks to their unique active booster ingredients. Unlocking the long term health benefits from our base blend of mushrooms is all about the daily microdose. Taking two-a-day will gradually reprogram the body to utilize the extra nutrition you’re supplementing it with. Most people will start to notice these positive effects within 3-5 days.